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Friday, September 7, 2012

Georgia State University Prison Initiative

An interesting project has been posted on Kickstarter (a funding platform for independent projects): One Nation, Behind Bars: Ed Solutions for Mass Incarceration. A Georgia State film student is looking to raise another $1200 by midnight tomorrow to fund his senior thesis project, described as a

quality student produced, directed, and edited 45-minute to 1-hour documentary film [that] will investigate and discuss the societal advantages and ever-growing need for education programs in the U.S. Prison System ... by focusing on The Georgia State University Prison Initiative, a service-learning project that brings together 15 GSU students ... and 15 volunteer inmates at Philips State Prison just outside of Atlanta in order to study literature, discuss contemporary societal issues, and increase inmate and student literary and social competency.

Just like PBS, there are rewards for contributing so, if you're interested and have a few bucks to share ....